Kevin Kinsella – Great Design

CD $13.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

2011 sees Kevin Kinsella heading in an exciting new direction. With the release of his third solo album “Great Design”, Kinsella expands his sonic palette with elements of folk, rock and soul, while maintaining his roots in reggae. “Great Design” showcases his agility as a songwriter; Kinsella’s combination of styles is deeply evocative and accessibly upbeat, summoning the likes of Jack JohnsonMichael Franti. It’s “Thanks and Praise” music with wide commercial appeal.

From founding reggae heavyweights John Brown’s Body, to starting his own independent label, I-Town Records, to recording with the mysterious and prolific roots reggae outfit 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, Kevin Kinsella has flourished in establishing a contingent of talented young artists. Now it’s time for Kevin to focus his massive talents on his solo efforts. He has been busy over the last few years writing and recording songs for “Great Design” and is now ready to have you fall in love again with his timeless songwriting and memorable melodies.

“…the sucker-punch Lovers tune ‘Lovers in a Time” (from Great Design) deserves to attain the status of a reggae standard.” – The Wire

1. All That I Have
2. No Battlefield
3. Lovers In A Time
4. Ring of Fire
5. Stars
6. Faith
7. Light of Love
8. Sunshine
9. Great Design
10. Let Me Be
11. Turn It Around

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Shake Up The Place

CD $13.00
180g LP $16.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99
**LP comes with free MP3 download)


10 Ft. Ganja Plant comes back with a vengeance. Two years after releasing their critically acclaimed album “Bush Rock” and a year removed from dropping “10 Deadly Shots”, the ‘Plant is back stronger and with their deep in the pocket roots sound in full effect. The ‘Plant were thrilled to collaborate with reggae legends Prince Jazzbo & Sylford Walker, each dropping two vocal gems, while Meditations great Winston Watson kindly provided additional harmonies throughout. Pulling out all the stops, “Shake Up The Place” was flown first class to the UK and mastered by Blood & Fire veteran mastering engineer Kevin Metcalfe. The sound is 70′s exquisite.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. My Roots (feat. Sylford Walker)
2. Strength
3. Shake Up The Place
4. Ringer’s Rock
5. Africa (feat. Prince Jazzbo)
6. Hard Times (feat. Sylford Walker)
7. Pharoah’s Army
8. Rush Me
9. Strongback
10. Recession (feat. Prince Jazzbo)

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John Brown’s Body – All Time

CD $12.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

Founding members of I-Town Records, John Brown’s Body, play rootical folk music from Ithaca, New York. “All Time” was acclaimed by fans and critics around the world as the real deal in roots reggae. With lo-fi yet cutting edge production compared to the mix master Lee Perry and sweet soulful songs and playing, “All Time” stands for All Time! Includes the song “Vanity” which was featured in the HBO movie “Substitute 2″. This CD also was included in Rolling Stone magazine’s Alternative Top Ten chart in September of 1997. This is the beginning of something big… Still the #1 seller for I-Town records!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

All Time
Words Of The Prophet (AD 1996)
Love and Affection
Tree Of Life
A Little Bit of Dub
Give Some Love
If You Want to Sing

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – 10 Deadly Shots Vol. 1

CD $10.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

First all instrumental album by 10 Ft. Ganja Plant… 10 Deadly Shots cut from vinyl!

Its a cold weekend in February and the Cessna’s land. The vibes brew as the room fills, while the bass thumps a beat and the snare drum rings a tune. The chords echo through the room as the smell of analog tape enters the air… A familiar start to a 10 ft Ganja Plant recording session.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

We like to keep things fresh, create a vibe, throw around the ideas, write the track, record the track and never play it again. We record almost all of the records live, everyone in one room. The exception would be the occasional vocal, keyboard guitar horn line that was impossible to play at the same time. All of the material is captured by reel to reel 2,4,8,16,24 tracks. During this particular session we were using 8 tracks.

The tracks were as follows:

1 drums
2 bass
3 guitar
4 guitar lead
5 organ/farfisa
6 rhodes/clavinet
7 tenor saxophone
8 percussion

After the record is mixed down to analog we send it to mastering. 10 Deadly Shots went through a very unique mastering process to add to the sound and feel you are hearing. The master was put through a Neumann sp79c Console to a Neumann SAL74b cutting rack then to a Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe where the lacquer (record) was born. Yes that’s right cut to Vinyl. The last and final step is a high quality transfer from the lacquer to a digital format that you can enjoy as the album 10 Deadly Shots!

1. Bonny & Clyde
2. Apache Kid
3. Dillinger
4. Jesse James
5. Bell Starr
6. Machine Gun
7. Kid Curry
8. Billy The Kid
9. Black Bart
10.The Sundance Kid

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Justin Hinds & John Brown’s Body – Live At The Grassroots

CD $12.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

Those lucky enough to catch this incendiary set at the Grassroots Festival are well aware of the magic that occurred on July 19th, 2002. Jamaican-born Justin Hinds was accompanied by I-Town stalwarts and reggae champions John Brown’s Body for a stirring and unforgettable set. Along with “Rude Boys” like Desmond Dekker and Jimmy Cliff, Hinds has contributed to the evolution of Jamaican roots music from early incarnations like ska into later permutations like rock steady and reggae. This recording captures some of Hinds’ greatest hits, like the infectious “Carry Go Bring Home,” updated and reinterpreted with JBB, whose enthusiasm and respect for Hinds is palpable. As evidenced on this recording, reggae music is in its element in the live setting, and this album serves as a lasting relic of a fateful night and a momentous collaboration.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. Greetings
2. Over The River
3. On The Last Day
4. Teach The Youth
5. Travel With Love
6. Higher The Monkey Climbs
7. Get Ready Rock Steady
8. Carry Go Bring Come
9. The Rainbow
10. Fire Is Burning
11. Dip And Fall Back
12. Weeping Eyes
13. Natty Take Over
14. Botheration
15. Never Felt This Way Before

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Bush Rock

CD $10.00
LP $11.00 **
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99
**LP comes with free MP3 download)

“Bush Rock comes as a pleasant reggae and dub surprise in these modern times. Excellent job from 10 Ft. Ganja Plant.” – Reggae Vibes

ROIR’s fifth album with 10Ft. Ganja Plant, “Bush Rock”, is their most inspired and accomplished to date charting at #16 on the Billboard charts for reggae. Bush Rock includes vocals by Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid & features the core crew of 10 Ft Ganja Plant.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

“Bush Rock” shows the Plant growing to new heights, while keeping their feet firmly rooted in a warm 70’s roots vibe. Standout tracks “Too Much Gun a Bust” & “Got To Be a Soldier” include powerful heart wrenching vocals reminiscent of the greats like Jacob Miller & Joe Higgs. Bush Rock is a well rounded reggae/dub excursion and features both heavy dub tracks and silky sweet songs like the Melodica driven “Machete Strike”.

1. Machete Strike
2. Soon Come
3. Too Much Gun a Bust
4. Cool and Collect
5. 10 Ft. Ganja Plant & Weed
6. Bush Rock
7. Head Shrinker
8. Wailin’
9. Set Me Free
10. Got to be a Soldier
11. The Cyclops

Bonus Tracks:*
1. So Much Confusion
2. So Much Confusion Dub
*Bonus Tracks only available digitally.

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Kevin Kinsella –      I-Town Revival

CD $12.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

One of the original members of I-Town Records here releases his first solo effort after three releases with his band John Brown’s Body. Here we see a man stretching out the boundaries of his creative spirit and inviting many of his talented brethren and sistren along for the ride. The credits represent a large cross-section of the Ithaca NY music scene. The beautiful harmonies of the Lucente Sisters shine brightly throughout. This is a change of pace from the reggae and dub sound that you might expect from the lead singer/songwriter of one of the most crucial roots reggae outfits around. Anyone who has seen Kevin perform one of his acoustic shows will be familiar with much of the material, which covers a wide base of moods. Devotional songs riding alongside country style ballads and songs of freedom. Put simply, new acoustic spirituals. A must have for all lovers of the I-Town vibe!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Blues on Me
Healing in the Name
Nobody Owns Me
I Know Where to Find You
Born to Know Your Love
Deeper in My Mind
Sunday Morn
Sorry for You
Just Like a Dog
Can’t Win for Losing
Palm Sunday
Love Is Like a House Unmade

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Presents

CD $10.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

“Presents” is a re-issue of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant’s ground breaking 1st album now with 2 Bonus tracks. Bonus tracks have never been available digitally and will make this album a fan favorite.

These recordings were inspired by the recording process of the great Jamaican studio bands of t­he 70′s (and their American counterparts, Motown and Stax) where a song was written, learned, and recorded by the band in one session; with the band playing live on one track and then being voiced on the second track with no regrets and no apologies. “Presents” harkens back to a lighter time- these tracks will lift your spirits and tempt you to shake your rumpa! Please come dance with us- play Good Time Girl and move those wingtips!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Recorded at Mang Studio with the lineup of: Ranks on drums, Kevzar on bass, Natty Nate Silas on guitar, C-Money on organ and clavinet, and Sacca Massa Ganna on guitar. This is straight up 70′s Jamaican dub sound once again mixed with the perfect balance of tradition and revolution by Craig Rankin’ Welsch. Features guest appearances by the Lucente sisters, the unmatched saxophone of Timo Shanko, and many other fruits. Kick back and watch the Plant grow!

1. Chalwa
2. Rebel In The Hills
3. Blues Dance
4. Good Time Girl
5. Sunny Foundation
6. Why Can’t They Tell Us The Good News?
7. Jah Teach I A Lesson
8. Off Road Version
9. Jah Will Go On
10. Walkey Walk Tall
11. Top Down**
12. Politricking Man**

**Bonus Tracks

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Bass Chalice

CD $10.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

“…a celebration of deep, dark, 1970s-style roots reggae.” – All Music Guide

Bass Chalice sees 10 Ft. stripping away a bit of the mystery surrounding the band’s lineup and actually letting us disclose a very special guest appearance by the legendary ‘70s Jamaican vocal reggae group The Meditations! Their first two albums, Message from the Meditations and Wake Up are downright, stone-cold reggae classics that must be heard. On Bass Chalice they grace “To Each” with a spellbinding vocal performance!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The Meditations are a fitting addition to the album because Bass Chalice, at its heart, is inspired by the recording processes of the great Jamaican studio bands of the 70′s (and their American counterparts at Motown and Stax) where a song was typically written, learned, and recorded live in a single session, with no regrets, and no apologies. Add to this ethos some dubwise studio mastery and experimentation and you begin to get the picture. This is good news for a genre that seems to be gathering steam in recent months. Apart from big releases on ROIR by Dub Trio, Bush Chemists & Dr. Israel, other bands have been making their mark on stages around the country: Matisyahu, Future Pigeon, Dub Nomads, Dub Gabriel, Dub As A Weapon, Jah Division, and (on a different level) Damian “Junior Gong” Marley. Dub & roots reggae is more popular than ever and the 10 Ft. Ganja Plant army is poised to make a big, smoky impression.

1. Blood Money
2. Engine Trouble
3. Last Dance
4. Suits and Ski Masks
5. To Each (feat. The Meditations)
6. Burning James
7. Your Voice
8. Swedish Prison
9. Deliver Us Jah
10. Bass Chalice

“Bass Chalice is an example of dub at its finest… rub-a-dub-dub good.” – Global Rhythm

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Midnight Landing

CD $10.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

“The record begins with a melodica drenched nod to Augustus Pablo and continues through a dubwise tour of 70’s-era conscious reggae, with the drowsy horns of “Kneel At The Feet” a highlight. Purists should know that 10 ft. are neither mockingbirds nor worshippers at the temple. They are old school scholars teaching a new generation weaned on dancehall the joy of knowing one’s roots. Woven of authentic Jamaican colors.” – Global Rhythm

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Every spring stereo speakers appear in the windows of apartments, homes and dorm rooms around the world. More often than not, these speakers are blasting Bob Marley’s “Legend” to any and all within earshot. I have lost count of how many times I’ve heard Marley beaming down on me with the summer sun and brightening my day. This July, just in time for the coming warmth, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant’s will have a new album titled “Midnight Landing,” an album that should be the window album this summer.

“Midnight Landing,” at it’s heart, is inspired by the recording processes of the great Jamaican studio bands of the 70′s (and their American counterparts, Motown and Stax) where a song was potentially written, learned, and recorded in one session, with the band playing live on one track and then being voiced on the second track, with no regrets, and no apologies. Add to this ethos, some dubwise studio mastery and experimentation (“Chanting Nyabinghi”, inspired by the African drumming style, is a creative departure and one of the best tracks they’ve ever cut) and you begin to get the picture.

1. 100 LB. Weight
2. Ganja Plane Rider
3. Kneel at the Feet
4. Let the Music Hit
5. Shine Dub
6. Midnight Landing
7. Chanting Nyabinghi
8. Mercy
9. Wide Open
10. Sweet Country
11. Righteous Dub

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Hillside Airstrip

CD $10.00
LP $11.00 **
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99
** LP comes with free MP3 download

“The best reggae album since the last Culture release.” –Andy Kershaw, BBC Radio

Who are 10 Ft. Ganja Plant?? A collective, a musical consortium, a group of childhood friends making conscious roots reggae music. 10 Ft. Ganja take chances, they experiment and most importantly they are lovers and practitioners of the 70’s Jamaican roots sound. Many of the members come from upstate NY where they have been deeply involved in Reggae music for years.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

10 Ft. Ganja Plant has independently released limited edition vinyl 45’s, and a classic CD on their own I-Town record label titled “10 Ft. Ganja Presents”. “Hillside Airstrip” is as captivating and soulful a reggae album as has come out in a long time. From passionate rootical vibes to heavy dub, this record will make believers out of their new and ever growing fan base. Seriously considered by their peer group as an emerging and significantly innovative band with a distinctive voice in the reggae community. To get that old school feel, all tracks have been recorded live and then voiced and taken from their original analog masters.

1. Long Time Ago
2. Pure Sugar
3. Jah Will Go On
4. Time I Know
5. Soul Love
6. Two Bulls
7. Walkey Walk Tall
8. Hillside Airstrip
9. Born Free
10. New Day

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10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Essential 10 Ft. Ganja Plant

MP3 $5.00

The best 10 Ft. Ganja Plant tracks on one handy dandy album!

Got a friend who would love those killer roots tracks but don’t know which 10 Ft. album to tell them to get cos they’re all so damn good? Then, make them check out Essential 10 Ft. Ganja Plant!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. Soon Come (from Bush Rock)
2. Walkey Walk Tall (from Presents)
3. Midnight Landing (from Midnight Landing)
4. Long Time Ago (from Hillside Airstrip)
5. Too Much Gun A Bust (from Bush Rock)
6. Blood Money (from Bass Chalice)
7. Mercy (from Midnight Landing)
8. Chalwa (from Presents)
9. To Each (from Bass Chalice)
10. Pure Sugar (from Hillside Airstrip)
11. So Much Confusion (Bonus Track from Bush Rock)
12. So Much Confusion Dub (Bonus Track from Bush Rock)

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CD $8.00
MP3 (320kbps) $8.99

Featuring a track by 10 Ft. Ganja Plant.

ROIR has a storied tradition of releasing reggae & dub, with over 25 years of working with both established and unknown acts who have that unusual quality that springboards them to wider recognition. Essential Dub is a healthy sampling (taken from currently available ROIR releases) which showcases the diversity of the genre.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dub has been instrumental in shaping the current musical climate, helping to redefine the engineer/producer’s role in the process. Musicians as diverse as the Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Sublime, and No Doubt have been effected by Dub’s long reach as have heroes of yore: The Clash, Adrian Sherwood, The Slits, Brian Eno, & PIL to name only a handful.

We bring you the future as well as the past– heavy on the bass– this should be felt by every sinew in your body. A perfect release for summer coinciding nicely with all the reggae tours & summer festivals.

1. Dub Out – Oku Onuora, “Dubbin’ Away”
2. Truth and Right – Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus, “Rastafari Dub”
3. Drive By Dub – Dub Trio, “Exploring The Dangers Of…”
4. East Of Jaro – Bush Chemists, “Raw Raw Dub”
5. Leaving Babylon – Bad Brains, “Bad Brains”
6. Bassie Dub I – Twilight Circus, “Dub From The Secret Vaults”
7. Space-Time Paradox – Bill Laswell, “Version 2 Version”
8. Sensimellia – Dr. Israel, “Patterns Of War”
9. Acoustic Dub – Niney The Observer, “Observer Attack Dub”
10. Africa/Ethiopia – Alpha & Omega, “Sound System Dub”
11. Anittoo – Terrorists, “Forces 1977-1982″
12. Turbo Auto Drive – Badawi, “Bedouin Soundclash”
13. Jackson Park – Phase Selector Sound, “Disassemble Dub”
14. New Day – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, “Hillside Airstrip”

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