Upon first hearing the Bob Marley song “One Love” in Ireland as a 12 years old boy Kevin Kinsella received his calling to play Reggae music. Founding his first band The Tribulations when he was fifteen, he soon found himself opening up for Toots and the Maytals who gave him strong encouragement to continue in his vocation. The Tribulations recorded their first full album “The Gate” in 1992 and went on to win the Yamaha Soundcheck competition which took them to Japan and Jamaica. 

In 1995 Kevin founded and named his second group - John Brown's Body and led them in being signed to Shanachie Records with whom they recorded several albums  which are recognized by both critics and fans as classics of American Reggae.

In 1996 he started his own imprint label I Town Records on which John Brown's Body's first album “ALL TIME” was released. It was during his tenure as lead singer and primary writer of John Brown's Body that he started and gave name to the group 10 FT Ganja Plant, whose first release “PRESENTS” was also on the I Town label. Since then, that group has gone on to record 10 albums for ROIR Records and continues to write and record.

Amidst writing, recording and touring with both John Brown's Body and 10 FT Ganja Plant, Kevin has released 4 solo records under his own name; the latest one being “RIDING HIGHER STILL” on his own I Town Records imprint, with worldwide distribution through VP pal. Kevin Kinsella is recognized as a true disciple of roots reggae music and both a pioneer and veteran of the Reggae movement in the United States. With a distinctive and powerful voice, a unique and recognizable writing style and spirit filled presence and performance energy – Kevin Kinsella continues to be an important contributor to Reggae music.



- “City/Dancing in the Rain”      1987      45 rpm

- “Who Likes Reggae Music”     1988      Cassette

- “Youth Sound Power”              1991     Cassette

- “The Gate”                                 1992      CD                Mang Records

- “Daddy Good Pieces”               1994     CD               Mang Records 



- “All Time”                                  1996     CD              I-Town Records

- “Among Them”                        1998     CD              Shanachie Records

- “This Day”                                 2000     CD              Shanachie Records

- “Spirits All Around Us”            2002    CD              Shanachie Records

- “Pressure Points”                     2005    CD              Easy Star Records


- “ Justin Hinds Live at Grassroots”   2002   CD      I-Town Records



- “Presents”                                 2000    CD               I-Town Records

- “Hillside Airstrip”                     2001    CD               Roir Records

- “Midnight Landing”                 2003    CD               Roir Records

- “Bass Chalice”                          2005    CD               Roir Records

- “Bush Rock”                              2009    CD               Roir Records

- “10 Deadly Shots Vol.I”           2010    CD               Roir Records

-"Shake Up The Place"              2011    CD/Vinyl     Roir Records

-"10 Deadly Shots Vol.II            2012    CD/Vinyl     Roir Records

-"Skycatcher"                              2013    CD/Vinyl     Roir Record

-"10 Deadly Shots Vol.III           2014    CD/Vinyl     Roir Records


- “Good Time Girl/Good News Dub           2000    45 rpm   I-Town Records

- “Politricking Man/Fight Them a Fight”    2001    45 rpm   I-Town Records

- “Do Right/Top Down”                                2003    45 rpm   I-Town Records




- “I-Town Revival”                     2000    CD           I-Town Records

- “Firestick”                                2002    CD           I-Town Records

-"Great Design"                        2011    CD           Roir Records

"Riding Higher Still"*           2014                     I Town Records/ VP pal



- “I-Town Records Compilation Vol. I”     2001    CD           I-Town Records 

- “I-Town Records Compilation Vol. II”    2003    CD           I-Town Records 

- “I-Town Records Compilation Vol. III”   2004    CD           I-Town Records 

- “I-Town Records Compilation Vol. IV”   2005    CD           I-Town Records



- “Sweet End”    Five2   2004   CD   I-Town Records